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Dr Shahrar Ali

Dr Shahrar Ali is Green Party Home Affairs spokesperson and its former Deputy Leader 2014-16 – the first BME deputy of a UK parliamentary party. He entered green politics after working as a researcher in the Science and Technology options asssement unit of the European Parliament, where he briefed parliamentarians on risk assessment of deliberate release into the environemnt of GM and endocrine disrupting chemicals.


Shahrar trained as a biochemical engineer and philosopher and currently works in medical education. His PhD tackled the morality of lying and deception with reference to public life. He is author of two popular books in Green politics, including Why Vote Green 2015 [].


He has been active across London and nationally for the best part of two decades, campaigning on civil liberties, access to properly funded public services and the climate emergency.


Known for his stirring speeches, he is a regular on public festivals, from the Bloomsbury Festival and Battle of Ideas to the Royal Academy of Arts and Ted talks. He is a regular commentator in the media. [link or embed into webpage]

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