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Is your Council Green yet?
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Laura Baldwin OLY
Feb 16, 2021
Thank you for posing this important question Peter. My County Council is, Dorset. They declared a C&EE in May 2019 (adding the ecological part to the declaration in November 2019 when I requested they do so by asking a question at their FCM). They took over a year to draw up a draft action plan which went to public consultation, closing last month. Their target for the Council is 2040 :-( and for the County is 2050 - which we all know is far from adequate. We created a petition calling for Dorset Council to move their target to 2030. The local area XR Political Advocacy Group has worked tirelessly with Dorset Council and has now reached out to most of the town and parish councils, offering them tailored non-xr versions of the Heading for Extinction and what to do about it talk that lasts 45mins followed by open discussion. They now also use a new name, DorsetCAN, to be more inclusive as the XR brand prevents some from wanting to associate. They hold a council support drop in session which gets great uptake with 65 Cllrs on average attending, within which they share ideas for gaining carbon neutrality. They are also all working on getting their Councils to support the CEE Bill. And we are running People's Assemblies for the County Plan and we ran PA's for the consultation of the council's climate emergency action strategy. Dorset has a lot of Tory MPs.. but we are working hard on them!! It is great to see that 300/407 (74%) councils in UK have declared a C&EE. The first step to fixing a problem is to
Laura Baldwin OLY

Laura Baldwin OLY

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