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What are YOU going to do?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

This is undoubtedly the most profoundly important time in history to be alive. The UN Secretary General, Antonion Guterres declared that, "We face a direct existential threat"

We must accept that we are failing as a species, failing to protect ourselves and all other life forms. Thirty years of trying to reverse the emissions curve, have failed. All United Nations treaties and environmental groups, have failed. All petitions and personal changes, have failed.

The time for change is NOW. The Covid-19 crisis showed the power of truth telling. When people understood the cause and consequences, they were willing to make tremendous sacrifices, especially when they were being paid to take time off. Could paying ourselves be the way out of the climate crisis? Or do we need to get rid of money altogether? Is there another way?

Right now, we have a small window of opportunity to mitigate worsening the effects of climate and ecological breakdown.

What are YOU going to do with this one last chance we have to change the man made systems within which we live?

Use whatever platforms you have available to you. Tell people the truth about the climate and ecological emergency. The sooner they know the extent of the situation and what is required to mitigate it, the greater their chances of being able to successfully adapt.

Join Greens CAN and gain access to the climate and ecological emergency facts sheets, talk scripts and presentations as well as a support network and a platform to share and receive action ideas.

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