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Please aim to keep videos under 60 seconds so they can be shared on all social media platforms. If you wish to make a slightly longer video, 2mins 20 secs is the max for Twitter.



Key notes:

  • Boris, stop climate and nature destruction

  • (Your local MP) back the CEE Bill / thank you for backing the CEE Bill

  • Your local issue, eg: Stop Portland Waste Incinerator



Script example:

My name is ________________ , I am (your job / family role, eg: a customer services manager and a concerned parent).

I have a simple message for Boris Johnson and for my local MP (insert name), from GreensCAN and from me.

Boris Johnson, stop climate and nature destruction!

My local MP (name), please, back the CEE Bill.

And locally to me, please stop (insert your local climate and or nature destroying activity or proposal and say a couple of key facts about why it should be stopped).

So, Boris Johnson, (MP name), STOP climate and nature destruction and back the CEE Bill.

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