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Take part in this action starting 10 April 2021 and continuing until Boris at #10 gets the message! 

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Boris, stop climate and nature destruction! 

Call to action: 

Ask your MP to back the CEE Bill 

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Local issue: 

If you have a fitting local climate and or nature destroying activity or proposal, you can link that into this action. 

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Draw a line in the sand ACTION

Like the ice bucket challenge, this is a continuous action where you take part then challenge 10 others to take part. 

This action aims to pressure the government to stop climate and nature destruction as well as linking in a local climate and or nature destroying campaign. And the call to action is to back the CEE Bill.

Be on the right side of history and take part in this action starting on Saturday 10 April and continuing until Boris himself, draws a line in the sand on climate and nature destruction!


Quick, easy, effective action. There are many ways to do this action, to avoid any possible charges of criminal damage, avoid sand being laid directly on the ground, instead you could lay a bed sheet down, pour sand across it, draw a line in the sand whilst talking to camera, pose for a photo, scoop up the bed sheet and walk away. If you have a beach near you, or a kids sand pit in your garden, you could do it there. 

Maximising media coverage through all channels; TV, radio, printed press and social media.  

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