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Sarah Lunnnon, former Green County Councillor, and frequent national spokesperson for XR

“I’m delighted to see the launch of GreensCAN. We badly need the Green Party to step up and be true to its Philosophical Basis - which mandates civil disobedience when the need is there and the existing system is plainly failing to register that need. Which it plainly is! As a Green, I back this initiative, and hope many other rebellious types will too…”

Statement from Zoe Hatch, Beaconsfield Parliamentary Spokesperson at Chiltern Green Party:


"As a Green we all know the party political playing field is stacked against us. There’s a limit to what can be achieved through the electoral system and time is running out. GreensCAN is a unique opportunity for us too step up our activism, pool our resources and explore new, NVDA ways of effecting real change. Through conscious acts of co-inspiration we have the chance to be stronger than the sum of our parts. A network that makes us stronger has to bring renewed hope and realistic optimism - it’s an idea that is long overdue."

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