Engage in NVDA Now!  

What greater reason could we need to motivate ourselves to take action right now? 


The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has announced that, 'our planet is broken' and that, 'humanity is waging war on nature', he says, 'this is suicidal'. Guterres continues, 'Nature always strikes back and is doing so with gathering force and fury. Biodiversity is collapsing, deserts are spreading, oceans are choking with plastic waste..' 

The Governments 10 point plan is not enough to reach the inadequate goal of net zero by 2050. Only 12% of the required funding has been pledged to achieve the 68% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, recently announced as the UK's goal. 

Conventional politics has failed. We need a new system. What can we do to help force system change? 

Non-violent direct action that is intelligent, targeted, and that makes sense to local people, can be massively popular. We need to engage in Transformative Adaptation as a matter of urgency. Combining the two, showcasing the change we want and need whilst engaging in NVDA could be a powerful combination. 

We must also dedicate time to lobbying support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill that is being read again in March. Between now and then we need as many local councils and MPs to support it. www.ceebill.co.uk 


The climate and ecological emergency is the one issue that our children will ask us about and judge us on. 

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Protecting Trees

Cllr Alison Teal campaigns to protect trees despite threat of imprisonment. News Link 

Save Our Seas!

Laura Baldwin sailed out to project the truth on the polluting cruise ships anchored in her home waters. Link

Exposing Lies

Why Rupert Read was willing to be arrested in protesting climate deniers at 55 Tufton Street. News Link

Your Action Here

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When your kids or grandkids ask you, 'what did you do to fix the climate and ecological emergency, whilst there still was time?', what will you be able to say?..