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Take Action

The emergency is real and it is now. There is not time to wait until the next election. Our current Government must act now to mitigate the worsening of the climate and ecological emergency. 

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On Top of the World
Speak out: Tell The Truth 


Politicians to date have not stood up and told the people of this Country the truth about the climate and ecological emergency. 

People need to know the truth now so that they have time to adapt and avoid sudden collapse. Link to 250+ scientists and academics warning of collapse.


Join the Greens Climate Action Network, GreensCAN, to gain access to key notes, scripts and presentations that you can deliver to your contacts, neighbours, businesses, councils, political parties and any groups that will listen. 


Join GreensCAN 

Pressure Government to act​


It is time to step up and force the change we want and need. 


We need to put pressure on the Government by acting in ways that they can not ignore. 


History has proven that the most effective technique for gaining transformative change is through non-violent direct action (NVDA). 

Specifically targeted NVDA can be hugely popular. 


Join GreensCAN, learn NVDA techniques and then participate in local and national GreensCAN actions.  

NVDA Training: Sat 10 April - Click here

Transformative Adaptation


"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi

Transformative adaptation is the shift from a destructive to a regenerative culture in order to mitigate climate change, ecological and social collapse.

Humanity must reach a sustainable equilibrium within the global ecosystems to keep the climate stable enough to sustain life. 


We need to override the current destructive system with a participatory democracy that puts the people in charge. 

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End of COP26 = time to mobilise! 

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