This is the most critical time in the history of humanity. We face a direct existential threat. We need to be bold and  speak out to demand the necessary system changes from our current Government.

Transforming what counts as politically possible, to deliver what is scientifically necessary.
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Endorsement by,

Sarah Lunnnon, former Green County Councillor, and frequent national spokesperson for XR:

“I’m delighted to see the launch of GreensCAN. We badly need the Green Party to step up and be true to its Philosophical Basis - which mandates civil disobedience when the need is there and the existing system is plainly failing to register that need. Which it plainly is! As a Green, I back this initiative, and hope many other rebellious types will too…”

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Endorsement by; 

Peter Tatchell

of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, speaking

out for human rights.


"Non-violent direct action has been the key to every successful social movement in history. We can also use it to save our planet from climate destruction. Green power to the people!"

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GreensCAN AIMS: 

1. GreensCAN educate about the severity of the climate and ecological emergency through words and actions. 


2. GreensCAN lead by example to educate and motivate people to tackle the emerging climate, ecological, economic and health crises through social transformation.


Intelligent non-violent direct action will be one of our means of campaigning to raise awareness. 


3. GreensCAN empower people and strengthen democracy and unity through People’s Assemblies for local organising and Citizens’ Assemblies for national organising.

Contact GreensCAN  -


Twitter: @greens_can 


It's time for Emergency Transformative Adaptation