This is the most critical time in the history of humanity. We face a direct existential threat. We need to be bold and  speak out to demand the necessary system changes from our current Government.

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Launching Green Party CAN -  written by Rupert Read

The dream that motivated the Green Party, the dream of achieving power by the electoral route in time to prevent eco-disasters... that dream is dying. We now have only 5 to 10 years left in which to transform our entire system, or face nemesis. Is there anyone who seriously believes that the Green Party can take power in that time-period and make the necessary changes? Essentially, that would mean the Green Party winning the 2024 general election. That is pure fantasy.


The Green Party needs a new dose of realism about the state of play in the 2020s; and needs to go back to its roots. We need to double down on the real issue, the one issue that our children will ask us about and judge us on: the ecological emergency in general, and the climate crisis in particular.


If we back up such new realism with a new, deepened willingness to engage in targetted non-violent direct action, then the message will have extra credibility. We will be showing by our deeds that we mean what we say. We should be proud of that fact that we are the one Party to have such civil disobedience in our Philosophical Basis. The systems-crisis we are living through needs combatting by passionate commitment to life on Earth. That gets shown by deeds meeting words.


The Green Party is not going to attain power in time through a conventional electoral route. This is the painful reality that life is calling upon us to acknowledge. Now for the good news: there is one very real power that the Green Party has. In politics, we are the trusted messengers when it comes to climate. We ‘own’ the green area of the agenda. The real power we have is to call it. To name the truth: that the dream of arresting dangerous human-caused climate change is dead. That conventional politics has failed. That we have to turn more to people-power, and have to aim at adaptation and not just ‘mitigation’.


Our doing this will be all the more powerful, will be deeply authentic, if it is accompanied by us being courageous enough to admit that there is not a Green Government-in-waiting for number 10 Downing Street. People will really listen to us, if they hear us breaking the ‘rules’ of politics by not just saying something that talks up our own electoral prospects.


And citizens are hungrier than ever for that kind of honesty in politics. Read more

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When your kids or grandkids ask you, 'what did you do to fix the climate and ecological emergency, whilst there still was time?', what will you be able to say?..